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The Australian Parents Forum
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All About APF
The Australian Parents Forum (or APF) is an open community for all mums, dads, guardians and grandparents to come together to discuss 'all things parenting'.

Feel free to discuss any issues you have relating to pregnancy, parenting, education, child care, child health etc

You can ask questions, share stories, recommend sites & products - whatever you like!

Have a look at our Community Profile and please read the rules before joining - membership is open and you can post as soon as you join!

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kitty katty katty [userpic]

Hiya...I just found this community. I'm mum (that still souds weird) to Liam, who was born on the 29th of January this year. I'm finding motherhood to be full of highs and lows - but its so rewarding. I love it!

He had his 2 month vaccinations on Saturday. That was so heartbreaking to see him in pain :( He had a fever for the rest of the day as well. Poor guy.


I absolutely refused to take my two in when it was vaccination time. Didn't want to see them hurting, and I'm afraid of needles. So hubby got to deal with it.