Hi everyone, i am Bernadette and i am brand new to the livejournal community.

I am a single working mum with an 19 yr old daughter who is my best friend and my whole life. I fill blessed for having this child in my life. I was once told at the at of 19 by a friend, "what you don't have, you don't miss". I can tell you now, all the love and heart ack that goes with been a single mum, is worth it.
I am also a work aholic, I work 6 days a week, only to have Sunday off, which I try to avoid doing house work or cooking, which I hate doing. See I use to be a stay home mom who did it all. The cooking from scratch (not anymore) I would never buy any pre made food, the mum who lived at the school helping out every single day, the sports mum, who did everything for the kids sport, and I was the daughter who took care of their dad (who was also a single dad with 2 girls to raise). Please don't get me wrong, I would not have changed my life for anything, I believe that I was one of the lucky ones, who was able to stay home and do the full time mum thing (believe me, it is easier to work 6 days a week, than be a full time mum at home, school and after school sports). But I now I am a full time worker and mum, it is hard but it is the most rewarding job in the world been a mum.
My other passion in life is my/our dog, roxie (she is my 2nd child) she is a blue healer cross kelpie.
This is my problem to, the only things that I talk about are my daughter and dog, so people tend to find my quite boring.
Recently my daughter and I spent 4 weeks (24 / 7) in America, lets just say that it was interesting.

I'd love to meet some new people and share stories.
Please feel free to add me and i will accept :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Hi there.
I'm new to this community and am only 6 weeks pregnant but just have a question

Has anybody had their baby at DANDENONG hospital in melbourne? if so what was it like etc...

Its all new to me and I am so unsure and about everything and would appreciate your feedback.
i look foreward to reading more on this community!!
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The Baby Tips community is a great place where parents of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience can share their best parenting & child care tips with other parents. This is a supportive, non-judgemental community - a "safe" place for people to ask questions they are too afraid/embarassed to ask anywhere else!

Babytips is now open for members!!



Ahoy Hoy! Ladies!

Im Kim! im 21 ( in a few days)
and iam a mumma to the ever so beautiful Kianna-Lea
who is 2.5 years old.

Im a Single mum who Lives in Perth W.A
and i also Work full- time and Run a Online business

Im Looking for some new mummy friends, 
they dont have to be from perth... 
im always open to new friendships!

anyway, i wont ramble on too much, or the post will never end!

feel free to add me to LJ, MsN, My Space..
just pop a hello in the comment and we'll go from there!

love to get to know you all!!!

Lots of hugs!

Kim and Kianna

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knit tattoos...

a few first time mother concerns...

hi, i'm angie. my little angel was born 22nd feb this year and his name is che.

he's been sleeping in bed with me because initially it was just easier...i slept easier knowing he was close by, warm, etc. and he seemed to settle better, being warmer etc.

to other mothers that co long did you do it for? and did you have problems getting them into a cot.

che doesn't have a problem falling asleep by himself and is fine when i put him in his cot. at the moment it really is just because i want him beside me. kinda as my security blanket as i'm alone in the house too.

also...and this is for the women, i know my body's been through a tremendous change and will take a while to get back to normal but i was wondering about other women's experiences with everything *down there*. my body is dramatically different and it's affecting my self esteem as i've just starting seeing someone and although i have no intention of jumping into the sack with him anytime soon, it still bothers me.

and finally, does anyone have any advice and or personal stories they can share with me about getting full custody of my child. like what the process is etc.

thanks!!! angie.
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Hiya...I just found this community. I'm mum (that still souds weird) to Liam, who was born on the 29th of January this year. I'm finding motherhood to be full of highs and lows - but its so rewarding. I love it!

He had his 2 month vaccinations on Saturday. That was so heartbreaking to see him in pain :( He had a fever for the rest of the day as well. Poor guy.
knit tattoos...

my beautiful little boy...

my gorgeous little angel was born wednesday 22nd february at 1.28am and was 8 pound 9. i feel so blessed to have such an amazing soul in my life!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

unfortunately when che was 2 weeks old his father and i went our separate ways for horrible reasons i'm eagar to put behind me but the single life ain't so bad when i have this cute little fella to centre my world around!!!

peace and love.

(ps. cross posted because i can't help but show this little tiger off!!!)
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Just stumbled across this community and it looks great.

So hey..
My name is Tegan.
I am 20 years old
Currently living in Melbourne, Australia.
I am a full time mum looking after my 1 year old boy called Hayden Adrian.
I have recently become single. Not enjoying it but hey thats life.
Am currently looking for a place over in the west side of Melbourne.
Always up for a bit of talking and advice on children.

Feel free to add me too.
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Hi There,

My name is Samantha and ive just recently moved to Brisbane.

Im a 27 year old single parent to a beautiful 9 month old boy called Rory. He is the light of my life.

I've recently become single again so im doing it all on my own and thats hard but ok, well worth the effort i believe. I work full time for a bank and my son goes to child care.
Ill be honest and say i really HATE that strangers are looking after my son but he adores child care and loves making new friends.
I have a problem at the moment with older children at the child care constantly biting him, it breaks my heart to know i cant protect him from things like that.
I'll be happy to chat with anyone and feel free to add me as a friend if you like.

Thats it for me :)