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Hi everyone, i am Bernadette and i am brand new to the livejournal community.

I am a single working mum with an 19 yr old daughter who is my best friend and my whole life. I fill blessed for having this child in my life. I was once told at the at of 19 by a friend, "what you don't have, you don't miss". I can tell you now, all the love and heart ack that goes with been a single mum, is worth it.
I am also a work aholic, I work 6 days a week, only to have Sunday off, which I try to avoid doing house work or cooking, which I hate doing. See I use to be a stay home mom who did it all. The cooking from scratch (not anymore) I would never buy any pre made food, the mum who lived at the school helping out every single day, the sports mum, who did everything for the kids sport, and I was the daughter who took care of their dad (who was also a single dad with 2 girls to raise). Please don't get me wrong, I would not have changed my life for anything, I believe that I was one of the lucky ones, who was able to stay home and do the full time mum thing (believe me, it is easier to work 6 days a week, than be a full time mum at home, school and after school sports). But I now I am a full time worker and mum, it is hard but it is the most rewarding job in the world been a mum.
My other passion in life is my/our dog, roxie (she is my 2nd child) she is a blue healer cross kelpie.
This is my problem to, the only things that I talk about are my daughter and dog, so people tend to find my quite boring.
Recently my daughter and I spent 4 weeks (24 / 7) in America, lets just say that it was interesting.

I'd love to meet some new people and share stories.
Please feel free to add me and i will accept :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend!