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nokturnal_lust [userpic]

Hi there.
I'm new to this community and am only 6 weeks pregnant but just have a question

Has anybody had their baby at DANDENONG hospital in melbourne? if so what was it like etc...

Its all new to me and I am so unsure and about everything and would appreciate your feedback.
i look foreward to reading more on this community!!


i don't know anything about dandenong, but i do know about being a young first time mum - the best advice i can give you is:

trust your instincts and when you have the baby, don't let the midwife push you around.

i nearly lost my daughter, and nearly five years later suffer terrible abdominal pain because the midwife was negligent, selfich and an idiot but what haunts me is that if i had just insisted i be taken seriously, my daughter's life wouldn't have been put at risk, and the internal damage i suffered wouldn't have been so severe, or it might not have happened at all.

a few things - due dates are not always correct and even if they are, babies can be premature - if you think you're labour and the hospital tells you not to come in because it's "too early", ignore them. that was my first mistake - they got my due date wrong by about 18 days, and when i called them to ask if i was in labour, they thought i was at 36 weeks (actually the nurse misread it and thought i was at 35 weeks), when i was really at 38 weeks, and even if it was 35 week, a lot of babies come that early.

if you think when you get to hospital, you're further along than they think, insist they do an examination. the midwife i got said it would take too long to do an internal and didn't want to finish her shift late, so she never bothered. when the next one came on half an hour later, the damage was done, and when she examined she freaked. literally.

basically just insist they take you seriously, don't just assume because they say nothing that they believe you. my daughter was breech, i was fully dilated, and something was majorly wrong when i got to the hospital - i told the midwife all thee things, and she deliberately let me believe she believed me about the first two and ridiculed me with comments like "oh all first time mothers are paranoid and think something is wrong". she wrote in my chart that my daughter was head down and that i was only in the earliest stage of labour - which was not only wrong, but she never checked so she had no right to write it.

when checking out hospitals, find out how often they use medical interference (drugs, vacuums, episiotomies, etc, and also how likely they are to send people off for c-sections eg whether they will only do it as a last resort of they'll send you off for one even when it's probably unnecessary for the slightest tiny problem).

insist they respect your birthplan, and if you don't want drugs, don't let them harass you into taking them. or even if you do want drugs, know what is available and the possible negative consequences - especially the ones that the hospitals avoid telling you. for example, things like pethidine (which i was told our local hospital now tries to avoid) can lower a baby's breathing so much it can kill them if given to the mother in the period 1-2 hours before birth - that's long enough for it to get into the baby's lungs, but not for it to get out. some painkillers simply shouldn't even be considered given if you are close to popping the baby out, it can kill the baby. oh, and painkillers can also cause some nasty side effects.

so basically in two things:

1. don't let the midwife or staff from the hopital push you around - make sure they take you seriously and make sure they respect your wishes.
2. get very educated - find out as much about the hospital as you can, and find out as much about labour and deliveries in general.

few people will tell you these things. hospitals often take the attitudes that they are the professional and you are "just" the patient and therefore expect you to just shut up and do whatever they say and they honestly believe that they know everything and are always right. and i can guarantee you that they don't know everything and can stuff up big time.

it's good to see that you're interested already - it takes a lot of time if you are serious about finding out as much as you can about delivering a baby.

good luck and i wish you a happy and healthy baby and a stress free labour. ;)

Thankyou SO SO much, your comments REALLY helped, I never realised having a baby was So hard and So scary and theres so much to take in and remember.
I am going to go on a few hospital tours this weekend to see what the maternity wards are like and the staff etc etc, I really want to b comfortable and know they can cater to all my needs or if problems arise if they have the right facilities (i had planned on going to this one hospital, but found out they do not do c sections they actually transfer u to another hospital 25 minutes away, If something should happen, i would rather be in a place that doesn't require a tranfer and they can do the things quickly to help me).
One of the main things i am realising is that alot of people are telling me not to let the midwives etc push me around and tell me how to do things, my friend was saying that when she had her second baby the nurse kept trying to show her the "right" way to put on a nappy and really forcing her to get it right, my friend ended up truning around and really yelling at the nurse saying that she had a 2 year old and KNOWS how to put a bloody nappy on! So I guess yeh, it does pay to me firm.

I am mortified by the way some midwifes treat mother to be's, i cannot believe the midwife u had, oh my god, your daughters lucky to be here today:)
My doctor actually FORGOT to tell me my due date on my first visit so I had to tell him yesterday, he says im due on the 22nd of feb next year but I know that only something like 3% of babies r born on their due date so I'm just using that date as a ball park figure!
I'm trying not to stress out or anything because I am still only early days yet and should take it easy, but god its so hard not to stress a little when there is SO much to think about!!
My brain seems to be all scrambled while trying to type this and I got my first bout of sickness today so I am going to end this here, I'm so sorry if it doesn't make sense!!
Thankyou SO SO much, i really cannot say how much i appreciate your comment, please take care of yourself and your daughter.
with love,

The Dandy hospital has some really great midwifes.. Most of the maternity wards around Melb are pretty good, I would however advise not going to the Northern (Epping), out of the 6 midwifes I saw while in labour there only 1 of them treated me like a human.. Not sure where you are, but if William Angliss in Ferntree Gully is one of your maybes, they are really great there..
But yeah as the other person said, don't let them push you around, most ante natal classes are a great idea, and just learn what you can, but in saying that too, also don't be arrived when it all comes to sit back and take their advise.. I've known a few mothers that have gone in knowing everything they could and when things went wrong they wouldn't listen to what needed to happen..
Good luck, I hope you have a nice easy pregnancy and an easy delivery :)

The Angliss was one of the hospitals I was thinking of going to as i was born there so was my mother, but it is just a teensy bit too far for me, so I a, tossing up between dandy or monash. Dandy is closer to me and I take great comfort knowing that if need be, i can get there quickly.
i have heard good and bad about it (dandenong), but mostly from friends which is why I have asked this community, your feedback is so much appreciated thankyou! I will give them a call and see when they have a tour of the hospital so i can check out everything! its so exciting, and so scary!!!