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Ahoy Hoy! Ladies!

Im Kim! im 21 ( in a few days)
and iam a mumma to the ever so beautiful Kianna-Lea
who is 2.5 years old.

Im a Single mum who Lives in Perth W.A
and i also Work full- time and Run a Online business

Im Looking for some new mummy friends, 
they dont have to be from perth... 
im always open to new friendships!

anyway, i wont ramble on too much, or the post will never end!

feel free to add me to LJ, MsN, My Space..
just pop a hello in the comment and we'll go from there!

love to get to know you all!!!

Lots of hugs!

Kim and Kianna

Current Mood: contentcontent

Hi Kim...welcome to aussieparent. I'm Kelly (22), mum to Amy-Leigh (5), and Sarah (21 months). We live in Bundaberg, QLD. I'm not a single parent, but was for most of Amy-Leigh's first year of life. it's a very hard job, and I really respect parents doing it on their own.

Feel free to add me :)

Hi Kim & Welcome :)
I'm Tara, 21 and mum to Frazer who's nearly 3 and Pollyanna who's 1 and we're from regional Vic.